Friend zoning someone

Hey guys,

This topic is actually quite an interesting one, as I feel most people I talk to tell me how they have been friend zoned, and not vice versa

Friend zoning someone, I think, is one of the most awkward and embarrassing things ever. I’ll put you in a scenario:

One of your good mates and you are chatting (like always) and things start to get a bit..flirty. You find it kinda weird, but presume it’s a joke and go along with it. Then, they ask you if you would ever go out with them, but they don’t ask u straight on.

As this point, it can go two ways.

You could like this person back and answer “yes”, and if they ask you properly after that, then you’re all set

… but that’s not what this post is about.

If you answer no, and they admit to liking you that way, things can go downhill, extremely fast.
I can’t give you an answer for everything to go swimmingly well again, coz let’s be honest, I’m not a genius

The thing most people expect is sheer awkwardness,which yeah, that’s gonna happen, but to get away from that, just try to be nice, and don’t let them expect anything if you know you don’t want to be with them like that

I think that you have to try to not lose a friendship, because you don’t want to have that!
The aim avoid awkwardness, so some ideas I have are:

Don’t chat for agesssssssssss… because you’ll run out of things to talk about… ha ha..

Be kind, because that’s what you’d want if you had been in that situation!

Acknowledge things are different, and don’t force anything

I wanted to bring this topic up because this is what I’m going through at the moment, and if I’m honest, I’d probably prefer to be friend zoned than have to friend zone someone, as it gives you a horrid gut feeling (depending on who it is, it’s one of my closer mates) because you don’t think of that person in that way!

Good luck it you’re in this situation !!

Cassie x

Musical instruments and perfumes

Afternoon guys, how’s it going!

Monday.. yep it’s that time of the week again no one really likes XD

I thought I’d just do a random catch up, as I do find it fairly hard to think of topics, so just going with the flow feels like a good idea!

This weekend I went shopping and though I’m not the type to love that sort of thing, it was actually pretty enjoyable! I got a jumper, some new earrings and some books (shocker!)

Among the items I got, I got a new perfume and it would be stupid to say I haven’t absolutely FALLEN IN LOVE !❀️
I’m awful at describing scents, but when I first smelled it, it made me think of lemons, and (don’t think of me weirdly) pepper, which I found out is actually pretty common in perfumes! When I looked up what’s actually in it though, there isn’t any of that in it (if I read this I’d think the person is a lunatic, imagining a lemon cut in half with grated pepper on it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

The perfume is Charlie white, and I believe it’s actually quite an old one (1994,not that old) but non the less amazing! The scents in it are Violet, Jasmine and peach (the main ones anyway).
What I’d say about this perfume is it really lasts, and I’ve already got compliments from it, so I’d guarantee it (or any of the Charlie scents tbh)πŸ˜‚

If any of you didn’t know (I may not of mentioned it) I play the violin, and recently I have been getting much more into it recently. I’ve been playing for a while now, and I think it’s good to have something as a hobby,no matter what that hobby is, and I say this as I have many hobbies to occupy myself as I can be the most bored person ever in the world!πŸ˜‚

let me know if any of you play an instrument or what grade ur at!personally, I’m not doing grades unless
I really have to, as I’d rather just play it for myself and not have everything too serious!

I honestly can’t believe it is already July!! June went by faster than I imagined and it’s already July!? My school year will be ending soon and I do find it really sad, another year going by so fast.. I sound really really old πŸ˜‚

Well, I enjoyed having more of a chatty blog post today, and I think i Might do these more often!
Btw, definitely not putting off my homework with this post… bye!!!!!


Things I couldn’t live without

Happy summer!!

If you’re in the U.K., you’ll probably be complaining about the heat, which is extremely nice by the way!

I was sitting on my bed thinking about a blog post idea, and ended up settling on this XD

I think we all have certain items that we love and here are mine!


God, converse are my fave shoes by farπŸ˜‚ I’ve had red converse for a while, but after a while the shoes wear out, and look even more loved than before XD
I recently god a new pair and can’t wait for them to look more battered (odd thing to say..)and look even betterπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

leather jacket

Not all of these will be clothing items, promiseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ though not seriously appropriate for summer, I absolutely love my jacket, and the same with the converse, once it wears out a tad, it’ll look a lot better, but for anyone who wants this outcome,it will take quite a while, as I’ve had mine for a yearish and it’s still pretty new looking.
I really guarantee one though!!

Random book series

So specific! Anyway, some books I honestly don’t think I could of survived my childhood without πŸ˜‚ these include Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, hunger games etc, which do seem like I’ve just listed really popular books, but books can have just as much, or even more of than a filmπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Drawing crapπŸ˜‚

Yet again, not very exact, but some of my art stuff is really important to me, down to a scrappy piece of paper, to a really fancy pencilπŸ˜‚ I think drawing for me is like how a photo is for someone, because it can reflect on a time in you life, what you though or liked etc!

My family and friends

Had to throw a soppy one in there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Anyway, of course no one could last without their family and friends, and I’m really grateful for them all!!

My blog

And finally, I am so so so grateful for everyone who follows my blog and everything that has come from that!

I really hope you enjoyed this, and I’d really would love to read about what you ‘couldn’t live without’ (a bit over exaggerated πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Cassie x

The passing of a digital friend

Hey guys, hope your all ok,

I recently found out a friend I had online passed away and it’s only really sunk in recently

It’s one of those odd and rare sensations you can feel, as you feel genuine sadness and grief for that person, but you never even knew them in person

This person lived in America and I met them through a game I played. I also know a relation of them who plays the game, and we used to be in a group together. I did stop playing this game after our group broke up (not badly, happens a lot in the game) and I stopped messaging as much, and I doubt I’ll play the game much more anymore anyhow.

Making friends on the internet is something I really really love, as as an anti-social person, it’s easier to talk from a screen or a computer. Think about it, no awkward people situations, and if you can tell it’s getting awkward (we social moles have this sensor) you can say you need to go, and it’s all good!

Anyway, I don’t want this to be a massive post (though I never really have loads of big posts), as this was a spontaneous thing that I wanted to type up.

As it is when anyone passes away, I feel grief and consolations to the family, and I hope he rests in peace

Thank you for reading

Cassie x

Top 5 fave tv shows

Happy Sunday! Monday tomorrow πŸ˜’ try to make the most of today I guess XD

I’m gonna go straight into the topic, so I hope you enjoy, or you maybe find a new tv show to become obsessed with.. let’s go!

The vampire diaries

This series has 9 seasons, but geez it’s worth binging them XD I don’t think there isn’t a season that I didn’t not enjoy, and if your also a fan of the supernatural, you’ll like this


So this is an old woman, and though I’m not a big fan of the first season, as they changed up the next 3, it is extremely funny, and not really for anyone younger than 12-13, depending of maturity I guess, but it’s hilarious and set in different time periods.


I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like friends, as an episode isn’t very long, and it’s very funny. If I’m honest I’ve spent wayyyyy too many hours binge watching this so if you’re bored, I guarantee this!


Yup, how couldn’t Sherlock make the list!? It can be hard to follow as it is so fast paced, but I do really love it! If you like sarcastic humour or it’s the right thing for u, and it’s hard to not fall into the dark hole when watching it


This is a tv series from my childhood that I was honestly sooooo obsessed with. It’s about a boy going to Camelot and ends up working for the price of Camelot, Arthur. It unfolds from there, and I really guarantee it, as it’s like a sort of medieval fantasy with a bit of comedy along the way

Hope you find something new to watch from what I’ve written about, and thanks for reading!

Cassie x

The ending of tests

Happy half term!

My tests ended last week, and I’m honestly so relieved!
Yes, they weren’t my GCSE’s or anything, but still, wayyyyyy too much pressure for May, a lovely, chill month, the ending of spring, and the start of summer (at least, a little bit)

Overall, my tests went pretty well!

My maths was awful, worse than I expected, but I think though I may be moving down a set next year, there isn’t a need to feel down about it or to over react about it, as you did the best you could. If I’m honest, I didn’t revise as much as I should of, and that ended up making my score plummet pretty bad. Yes, there were worst in my set, and I’m not in a bottom set, I’m in the top of the middle, but I think it’s ok to be decent at some things, bad at a few and good at a few too, because I guess it makes you you.
As I said, I could of done better revising, and I can’t really make any excuses for it. Sure, I’ve offered up lots to people, such as saying it in a jokey way, or pretending I don’t particularly care, but in reality next time I should definitely try more.

Anyway, apart from that, everything went well (at least I hope!)

My English went well, though I didn’t finish it, I got everything down I could in the time we had. If you didn’t know, the English tests are timed in a sort of way, each question equivolating to a rough number of minutes.
They told us when we should go onto section B (the creative part) but I had only just started the last question in section A. I had to make a decision, that to be honest wasn’t too hard to make.
I could try to get 40 marks from section B or I could get 20 marks from the last question in section A.

Obviously I went to section B, and finished that part off, and went straight back to the past question and wrote up as much as I could.
Something you may not know about me, but could of easily guessed, is that I can go on and on for hours, so section B was something I could work with, as you can easily talk about random things and pick out things and blabber on and on about them. I got through to the last page in SB, not finishing the whole page, and had around 7 minutes to finish Q4. I talked about the most random things as I really didn’t get the question, and to end it, wrote “to conclude..” and time was up, so that was the end of it!

My science all went really well, to say that we had less time to do it.
Biology was probably the best, I had 20ish minutes to go after, and the main occurrence I found in this exam was that it was mainly a lot of memory, as are most science tests, but this one more so.

Physics is not a strong point for me, but I finished that with 10ish minutes, and probably forgot the most for that one, but still, was ok

Chemistry is my favourite, and this is the only other test apart from maths that I got back, and I did very good in it to say I’m not in a high set.

Something to mention, I think, is that as a lower student, we don’t get as hard exams, and a lot of people who are in higher sets than u will mention it sometimes.
The two themes I found were I would do well in a test, mention it to one of my friends, and the reply be “well, I had a harder test than you sooooo…..”
Now I’ll be frank. Don’t ever say this. Think it all you must, but don’t say it, please. It’s like picking up a piece of paper, scrunching it into a ball,and burning it (exaggeration!!). All that aside, it just makes you seem rude, and just stop.

The other thing I found was I did bad in a test, and so the person I sit next to goes. “Ohhhh, well at least you got past the quarter mark..” (yes I did that bad in the maths, let’s not say anything more πŸ˜‚)

Ok, I get it. You are trying to be nice, and find a positive. But then again, reminding someone they did pretty crap in a test doesn’t raise anyone’s self-esteem. You see, my reaction was to say ‘can you stop finding positives in everything?’ And yes, that may seem pretty rude, but in my defence, I’m an extremely pessimistic person sometimes, especially in this class.

The weird simile I’ll use for this one is it’s like your papers on fire, and that person puts out the fire, and starts un crumbling it at stroking it, puts it in a cage and calls it fluffy. No one likes to be patronised, I can promise that.

For the people who cba’ed to read all that…….. I don’t blame u geez I can really relate to thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I hope that was slightly amusing in..some way… have a great evening!

Cassie x


Morning guys,hope your days been good, or it’s gonna be good!

Today I want to talk about birthday parties.

Birthdays can be the most fun and exiting thing ever, especially as you are growing up, but there comes an age where you grow out of that.

Personally I don’t like having parties coz I prefer to stand to the side at parties and not be centre of attention. I never have been overly keen on being around lots of people, but I’m happy to go to parties as long as I get to regenerate in my room for 6

Last year my friends pulled a sort of surprise party, and I likes that coz it was so much more chilled and not planned out like my friends big parties they have.we went into town, sat in the park or around on benches.

This was also the day AFTER my birthday, so I got to have a calm day with my family and see everyone I could, then the next day, go around town and relax!

I think a big factor into why I don’t like birthdays awfully much is because I have always preferred Christmas.
Christmas isn’t just for ONE person, unlike a birthday. Everyone gets a present, everyone gets a ‘happy Christmas!’ Or a ‘have a good day!’ And it doesn’t revolve around just one person getting good wishes.

Course everyone does need there time in the lime light, and who doesn’t like getting presents!
The main reason I decided to make this is because most my friends have birthdays near the start of the year, which means a lot of parties and a lot of presents to get them..

Yes, I am one of those people who just get a voucher and sweets (so personal and original!)

Anyway, have a great day, and hope you enjoyed reading!

Cassie x

Fortune Telling and exams

Afternoon, how are you doing? (Yup awkward no reply πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Now, these may seem like an odd topics to be put together, I know πŸ˜‚

Ages ago I got these cards, normal playing cards, and just threw them to the back of my bedside draw (who doesn’t do this) and when I had an idea to clean it out, I found them!

I did some research into cards, and discovered that you don’t just need tarot cards to do fortune telling
I also found out (don’t quote me on this just in case I am wrongπŸ˜‚) originally playing cards were used for fortune telling , before tarot cards!

So learning 52 cards meanings is not something I’ll be doing, as there are lots of websites about the meanings and spreads you can do , which is actually pretty useful!

Moving away from that, I’ve had a few tests recently, which is so much fun!! Sarcasm levels off the scalesπŸ˜‚

If I’m honest, I’m rubbish at revising. I enjoy writing things down, and then I guess just reading over them multiple times, but somehow I don’t think that works..
There are loads of other things you can do, such as flash cards etc, but it seems like so much effort and then what if something doesn’t come up that you focus on?

I have a test tomorrow, yay!… but I feel for anyone who really stresses with tests and things like that. Shockingly I don’t get stressy, and I like to make loads of annoying jokes just before the exams, which might be comforting (might) to me, but it’s definitely not for people around me.

But to anyone who has nervous friends like me, either stand with other friends, or plug your music in and relax for the last few minutes to get in the zone! πŸ˜‚ some tips:

DON’T revise all night
I found that just going to sleep at a moderate time and waking up at your alarm, possibly a little bit earlier than usual,is the best thing. Waking up early for me makes me impatient and I don’t even wanna know what would happen if I overslept :/

Revise a weekish before
Not gonna lie, wish I did this, but I didn’t ( though I do have all my notes, so I should be fine)πŸ˜‚ but take my advise now, start revising, and if any books, help sheets and or old exam questions are found , use them!

Just chill
My favourite tip is just relax, and be confident. If you go into the test nervous and worrying, you will reflect that in your work. Think over things, whilst keeping an eye on the time, and don’t rush. Sometimes you have to check through the test and see what is worth doing just to nick those last few marks.

Hopefully at least some of my advise was alright, and I haven’t terrified you with my talk of fortune telling.. Good luck with any tests, and goodbye!

Cassie x

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