Well, here it is.

My blog.

Never thought I’d actually make a blog to be honest, nor could anyone I know, I don’t think XD

Sharing thoughts with the world (if anyone read it) may not be what someone would call ‘my style’, but it almost new year, new beginnings, trying new things,so on so forth…

The idea for this blog is so anyone who goes through the same things can relate and not feel alone, coz I’m pretty sure everyone experiences something quite similar,but never says anything about it, which is a shame really, since so many people don’t know how a lot of people feel the same.

A haven for people to talk i guess XD

To be fair not everyone can relate to Each other, so if you aren’t a teen girl it may be ever so slightly harder to relate, but hey ho, we can try!

This’ll also be quite anonymous,for anyone wondering, personal reasons + keep u guessing XD

Anyway, thanks for reading (if anyone is reading!) and I’ll update stuff whenever, can’t wait till then!

Cassiie xx


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