9 things to do when bored over the holidays

Casually sitting low-key bored typing this up right now, so advice from me could be good or bad, you be the judge of that 🙂 so if you are, like me, in your pjs, wrapped up in a blacket on the sofa, bored as heck, this is the place for you! Here we go:

1) Binge watch YouTube, Netflix or tv

Because new plots and characters to become obsessed with is exactly what you should do 😅 this could also be used if you have something on in the evening, like a family gathering or meal, and you have to

2) read a book

Now you may think ‘eww, reading is sooooo not cool anymore, go back to the 17th century geeezzz’, but really this is like watching something, but paper copy! Ok I kinda get that argument… books! Reading is actually a perfect escape if you are someone like myself, you can get lost in a story. I mean, I just got a book today and am already on chapter 11 XD

3) sleep💤

Easiest thing to do ever, for most people XD sleep passes time, and to the people who can sleep till 1pm… lucky devils!

4) write a blog about being bored because you are bored

5)learn something new!

Wether that be an instrument, a sport or baking, have a go! You never know until you try (cliche but true) and maybe you’ll connect with new people because of it, which is one of the best things ever!

6) go on a walk

It doesn’t matter if you live in the busiest city or in the silent fields, walk around! This can also correspond to some hobbies such as drawing, writing, photography ect. On your walk you could sit down somewhere and just appreciate the scenery, urban or rural.

7) call your friends

As I said at the start, because school/work is suppeerr draining, you DESERVE to rest XD
anyway, others may feel the same, so why not put on Skype/oovoo and catch up with your friends who are probably doing exactly the same thing

8) do your homework

Syke! No but really, just get it done then tick it off your list of boredom tasks!

9) have a bath

Get the candles, bath bombs and soap out and chill in the bath! Get points from 1) and watch the program you’re obsessed with, and kill to birds with one stone! Don’t fall asleep in the bath though

That’s what I have! Hope you can stay entertained throughout the holidays, as it’s just been Christmas! Tonight there’s a program on called ‘to walk invisible’, so I’ll be taking my own advice! Thanks for reading,if you did 🙂

Cassiie xx


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