What to write!

Ok so I’ve been thinking “what should I write?” For a while now, as I have loads of random stories but I’m not sure if I should re write them, or carry them on instead

But then there’s the thought of which one should I choose!

One of my ideas was to read books so I can trigger something, but not totally sure that works, as I just become obsessed with the book XDD

Maybe it’s just the matter of choosing a story and letting my imagination do the rest, or it’s the other way round and I should plan it out.

Literally have six stories I started and abruptly stopped them XD

Maybe I’ll just pick the names out of a hat and go from there 🙂

At the end of my blog yesterday I wrote about how I was watching a program that night called ‘to walk invisible’ and it was very good! (Warning: geeky small review on film coming up 😂) they focused a lot more on the Brontë sisters brother Branwell, and his fall into addictions, but also on the hardships of how they couldn’t write under their own names, but took up pen names. A quote from Emily Brontë is ‘when a man writes, he is judged on what he wrote. When a woman writes, she is judged herself’ (quote may not be completely right)

Sorry for odd little review like thing ^ very exiting XD

If anyone has any ideas on what to write, please comment on how to,anyone’s input is welcome!!

Cassiie xx


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