How to deal with going back to school

Here it is again.

Christmas has ended, and you are shoved back into the harsh reality of… school!! (dun dun dun!)

(Maybe a little exaggerated XD)

We go through this every year, yet no matter what it’s still just as bad every year.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 6, just coz, if I’m honest, I won’t wake up in the morning πŸ˜‚

How can we make it easier to get through this, and be completely prepared for school

1) wake up earlier

This is what pops to my mind first for some reason, because I always had the idea that if you wake up early, you can sleep in and not be to late (hopefully). Waking up early also gives you more time to do the daily routine, but also to get some down time in there, and send yourself off in a good mood.

2) have a shower (preferably cold)

To be honest this is definitely for the braver people, since depending where you are, it can be freezing in the morning, especially around winter time. Having a shower wakes you up most the time and the cold water just adds to the shack of being awake so early in the morning!

3) do some chores around the house (if you have nothing else to do)

For the people who manage to get everything done, and get bored with their hobbies (a hard thing to do) helping your family or friends around the house is not only useful and cleaner, but a kind and considerate thing to do πŸ™‚

4) go for a walk or a run

I mean, I’ve never actually done this, coz beds SOOO much nicer, but in a way it’s quite similar to having a cold shower, especially if it rains!! XD If you’re old enough, going for a walk around the block or neighbourhood would be quite a pleasant experience, so try it out!

I have some random tips that I think would make going to school easier:

Eat breakfast!!!!! – most my friends don’t eat in the morning, and this is a really bad thing. Excluding what the teachers say, like ‘brain food!’ It’s really true, but it’s also not good to skip breakfast because it’s what you do first thing in the morning, to get you going.

I remember watching an episode of fireman Sam with my little brother when we were younger, and because one of the characters didn’t eat breakfast, accidents happened, and he put people in danger. Obviously not eating your breakfast won’t start a fire, or cause serious accidents (I hope ), but it was the programs way of telling children you need breakfast in the morning

Get to sleep earlier – kinda self explanatory. Get as much sleep in as you can, so you don’t wake up to tired πŸ™‚

Get dressed immediately – I’ve always done this, and have only just pinned down the reason why. Pjs are just way to comfy (I’m not complaining πŸ˜‚) and can distract you from sorting yourself out. In the evenings I sit on my bed in my pyjamas and read a book to go into shutdown mode. This ain’t a good thing in the morning though!!

Better to be early than on time – be sitting ready to go, whilst on your phone, watching a video, or talking to your friend. A usual thing that happens to me is I’m rushing in the last 5 minutes of me leaving, and this makes you stressed, which isn’t a good thing for school.

And finally (the most important), have a positive mindset – you could be late, forget your bag (done that before…) and go with your slippers on instead of school shoes for all I care, but being happy and ready is way,way more important. Being negative in the morning can make you negative all day, so push yourself to be the nicest you can, and this will also reflect on others and make their morning just as good as yours

Hope some of this made sense XD I’m off to sleep now, coz instead of taking my own advice I’m writing a blog post, smart move XD Have a good day/night πŸ™‚

Cassiie xx


9 thoughts on “How to deal with going back to school

  1. I really love this post!! you’ve put some great tips in here! and I totally agree about eating breakfast… honestly if I don’t eat breakfast I just fade into the day, and feel hungry all day, which isn’t fun! good luck for ur first day back!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ❀ xx

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