My favourite books (no particular order)

Hey guys, hope alls well!!

back to school was good, if not sleepy (XD) quite chill actually, for the first day back, but can’t wait to sleep tonight, not gonna lie!

Anyway, back to the original post idea (way to easily distracted). If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with books. And that’s a massive understatement! It’s a massive challenge to get through one book and not get distracted by another one and leave the first one half way through (two books on my shelf left half read right now…). Ok, so these are my personal favroite books, and they will probably change in a few months, but over all these books will always have a place in my heart… ok enough of the corn lets go 🙂

(Disclaimer: may be quite random and long, so prepare for that 😂)

The divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth – as well as the films, the books are absolutely amazing! It follows the story of a 16 year old Tris, who lives in a world where everyone’s put into places in everyday life, but she doesn’t fit in, so she keeps herself to herself, telling no one her secret. I really connected with the series, and it has a lot of shocking twists. The second book in the series (insurgent) actually inspired me to cut my long hair last year, which was actually very good for myself and my hair!

A series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket -ok, so this may excite me way to much, since on the 13th of January, Netflix is coming out with a new version of a series of unfortunate events (😍) which is going to follow the whole book series,all 13 books, unlike the film that only covered the first three books (no hate to the film, the cast is brilliant!) and is also taking a more humorous and darker themes in it.

Back to the books 😅, lemony snicket tells the sad story of the Baulderlaire children (might not of been spelt right) who’s parents perish in a fire, and they have to go to live with count Olaf, a horrid man who only wants violet,klaus and sunny for their fortune that violet inherits when she’s 16 (I think it’s 16, maybe 17). He chases them throughout the books, putting a heavy weight on the poor children. These books have many secrets in them, some I don’t know,even though I’ve read them 4 times over😂 overall, abrilliant series, even though you might say ‘ughhh, thirteen books? Is that worth my time?’ And honestly it depends on you and your patience, but I recommend you try reading them!

Girl online by Zoe sugg – the book that inspired me to start this blog!!! I read this recently, on Christmas Day! I actually read this in one day, starting on Christmas and ending on the same day (was a tad obsessed😅), so I can say it’s pretty dope:) girl online, aka penny porter, keeps a blog to say her feelings, and about things she wouldn’t say in real life.when Panic attacks start to happen to her, penny goes to New York, and falls in love with Noah, but Noah seems to have a secret. So gripping and I can really relate to it, as it really talks to my age group and this generation 🙂

Wuthering heights by Emily Brontë – taking it down to a classic, wuthering heights is quite a dark book, but my favourite Brontë book, though not a popular opinion, since most people I know find it quite a hard book to read. Anyway, on the Yorkshire moors there is an old farm house, with secrets. Who’s the sullen man who glares at everyone, whys the lady so bitter and sad and why has Heathcliff cut himself off from the world? The book follows the new tenant of wuthering heights, mr Lockwood, who feels an odd presence at the house, and nelly, a former maid of the house. So many films have been made of this, but I don’t have a particular favourite one. The book is very dark , but in an elegant way, and also the time period is also very appealing to me.

Young samurai book series by Chris Bradford – this is set in 1600s. Jack fletcher is shipwrecked,in Japan, then attacked by ninja pirates, who kill all the crew, including his father, who tells him to get the rutter, maps of great importance to him. Waking up, he finds out he was being looked after the sister of Masamoto Takeshi, a swordsmaster and teacher of ‘one school of two heavens’ there Jack trains to become a samurai, but with only Akiko as his friend, he is an loner and outcast. This is very well written, and really captures the Japanese culture, and also explains the difference between English culture through Jack.

Kathrine by Anya seton – based on historical figure Kathrine Swynford, it shows her through her innocence, and her court life is very different. Naïve, but pretty, she captures John of Gaunt, who is married. She gets engaged. They meet again, and her husband dead she becomes his mistress. Another book you could say is a hard read,but so lovely and shows how Kathrine adapts from a young girl to a powerful woman, who is the ancestress to Henry the seventh.

Skullduggery pleasant by Derek Landy- one of the funniest books ever! Stephanie is your average teen, but when her uncle dies, she meets skullduggery pleasant, a detective… a dead one! He shows her a world she never knew existed. I like this series so much, it’s hilarious, but still knows when to be tense. Also loads of plot twists and the author is also such a nice guy!

Honorarable mentions:

Phillippa Gregory’s books in general

The hunger games by Suzanne Collins

All the Brontës books

Black beauty by Anna Sewell

Harry Potter books by j.k.Rowling

Percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

The enemy by Charlie Higson

Malory towers by Enid Blyton

Smart by Kim slater

All these books mean lots to me, and I hope you can find something you like in there! Sorry for the massive ramble, I think this is the longest post I’ve ever done!! There are so many more books that deserve a mention, but I probably forgot them if they arent mentioned XD

hope you are having a brill day!! Thank you for reading 🙂

Cassiie xx


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