Friends and crushes

Afternoon! So… it’s the weekend! I’m sure you all deserve the rest xx

Let’s go through the different types of friends we pretty much all have!

The clown: basically the person who can make you laugh no matter what situation or predicament. Pretty much every one has one of these people in there group, if not in there class!! They can sometimes take it a lil to far but you still love them XD

The kind one: usually the person who you don’t talk to too much, but anytime you do they’re lovely, and polite! Sometimes you might think they are too sickly sweet however they’ll always be around to help you if you need it 🙂

The “leader”: yep, we all know this one. Although they might not be in your group, we’ve all seen the girl at the front of a gang of girls, or the guy being the loudest, alpha to them. The reasoning for me putting bunny fingers around leader is because I think usually it’s more of a case that the person doesn’t realise they aren’t in charge, but their confidence is extraordinary

Bestie: that one person in your group you trust with anything and everything, no matter what! You love them to bits, and go everywhere with them x

The leech: unfortunately there’s a person in each group that, to say it nicely, most of the time walks at the back of the group. These people seem to be your shadow most the time, and it’s not really very a nice thing, so try to invite them in more as much as you can, even if you aren’t very keen on them!

So, crushes, the most evil thing ever, with the best feelings that go along with it 😂

Course there’s no way to know for sure if someone likes you, but I think talking to who ever it is and getting to know them dips the best thing you can do. Confidence is key!

I just wanted to add in that little bit, and I’ll be thinking up more tips I can think of to help out people

Hope you are having a fab day, bye !! ❤️

Cassiie xx


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