As I sit at my table,  writing up stuff and tying loose ends,  I thought pop back to my blog and talk about it😂

My art homework is definely almost finished!!! I need to get the images for it,  but then we are done!  We are doing notan, which is a Japanese art is which  you use dark and light paper and cut out shapes in the dark paper,  and put them on the flip image on the white paper. hope that made any sense,  if not i’d look it up ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I’d love to learn more about Japanese culture in the past, like 1600s ish. It’s very interesting,  from what I know โ˜บ 

Not finished my design food homework yet,  which is about food around the world. So far I’ve done Italy, and I only have to study up 5,  but my idea was to do one country from every continent (maybe not Antarctica thou) ๐Ÿ™‚


Also been writing up in my diary,  I’ve written in it everyday so far,  and for me that’s amazing!  Suprised I remembered to be honest XD I recommend a diary to you sooooo much,  they are so lovely! My diary has a lovely quote on it,  and I think it’s good you love how your diary looks because its got all your memories and feelings in it,  so it should reflect that! 

^one of my favroite quotes! 

One of my biggest wishes is to visit Italy, the culture, the history and even re essence of it just sounds perfect!  

In Easter I’m going to south Africa,  and I can’t wait to take photos of the animals and the scenery ๐Ÿ™‚ expect a post on that!  

Talking of photography,  I had that today!  I love just being able to keep them forever,  and look back on memories,  just like my diary!!  

It’s still winter,  but you can start to see spring ‘springing’ (I’m hilarious😂) through the frost on the grass,  and the blossom tree outside my Nans is blooming! Springs not my favroite season (autumn is) but it’s one of the most beautiful โ˜บ
Hope this isn’t to short,  I can’t really tell since I wrote it on my phone,  but I really enjoyed writing this,  and just having a little matter,  you know?  

Hope you have a beautiful day!! 

Cassiie xx


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