Random talks 2

Hey guys! It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for an update and chat of the day!

This is a lovely thing to do right now, actually XD I’m really tired, so any slip ups, you know why 🙂

At the mo I’m reading young samurai, the way of the warrior. So amazing so far!! I really guarantee it! I believe I mentioned it in my fave books post (very long, and only for the brave book heads haha) so I’d give the way of a warrior go!!

I took my earrings out for the first time yesterday, and it was all good! I didn’t like putting them back in at the time because it’s quite an odd feeling at the start, but I think now my ears have felt air (XD) they are better with it. I could do some sort of jewellery post, though I’m not really into loads of jewellery, but let me know if you are interested in it!

Recently I thought of some small tips for bloggers starting out that I learnt, so here we go!

1) keep a notepad for ideas

Ok, this is important for the forgetful ones *slowly puts hand up* because I tend to forget ideas, or like if you saw my 40 fave songs post, I had to write up the songs in my book. Having a list of ideas, and a place to jot down stuff so you can remember them, like if you are at school or work!

2) don’t give up!

Seriously soooooo important! Remember you most likely started up your blog as a hobby or a passion, and it’s not about having people read your stuff (that’s just an amazing plus!!❤️) it’s about spreading joy and happiness onto something that could end up like a scrapbook in a few years, if you keep it up!

3) talk about what you love, not what people love

You’ll attract people who are similar to you, so do what you like!

Hope this helps anyone starting out!!

Recently I’ve been thinking about doing a drawing talk, for my fellow artsie peps, coz art is such a big part of my life, and I think art has so many beautiful messages in it!

So, drama. Mainly girl drama. Honestly, the worst XD I love all my friends so much, but I’ve always got along with guys easier, I think it’s coz I’m very blunt, and, in my experience, girls are a lil’ bit…. sensitive? No hate to sensitive people, I can be sensitive sometimes too, but I guess you could say I’m insensitive to people XD
I find boys easier to make friends mainly because I kinda ,ok sounds odd, but insult ( jokingly and sarcastically) and sometimes, with some of my friends, they take it the wrong way? 😂 no idea what I’m on about, I hope someone relates

I’ve always been a tomboy, but as times gone on I guess you could say I’ve got more girly as such, but, as some of my other fellow tomboys experience, my more girly friends tease us if we act more girly, which makes us rebel even more 🙂

I’m one of those people who get told they can’t or shouldn’t do something, but then that makes them want and or try to do it XD I think what I’ve learnt from this post is that I connect with boys more than girls, interesting!

Gonna cut this short, but I enjoyed this post, kinda rants, but oh well! Let me know if you like any of the ideas I mentioned above about new posts :p have a lovely day/night 🙂

Cassiie xx


4 thoughts on “Random talks 2

  1. One vote for a jewelry post! I love seeing other people’s jewelry and where they got it. Also, I totally agree about the notebook tip. The notes section of my phone is a total mess of blog ideas, story ideas, my future children’s potential names, etc. it wouldn’t make sense to any normal person but I couldn’t live without it!


  2. Finally Ive found someone who a) gets along better with boys than girls and b) insults boys and they don’t take it the wrong way! 😂 I vote for the jewellery post. I relate to EVERYTHING in this post. I’m possibly the most forgetful and unorganised person on the planet!❤️😘✨💖💕

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