Candles ❤️

Hi guys! This was a long time coming,, if I’m honest XD

candles are such a lovely way of lighting up a room and relaxing!

Let’s go!


(Sorry the photos aren’t amazing haha)

This is a very clean and fresh candle, called blue lotus, by la jolie muse (I believe) and burns very well!!


My fave! This is gingerbread, by next. when I was in the shop with my friend, who I’ll call Shally , we were smelling nexts candles (we go candle shopping together way more than the normal human being should) and she found this one, made me smell it and I HAD to get it XD I hadn’t got a xmas candle before haha!

Very Christmassy, smells just like cookies and gingerbread (duhhhh) and is good when cooking!


This brilliant candle is plum blossom and vanilla, and it’s from primark (no. 15). So fruity and and delicious! If you like bright, rich smells, this is for you!


Madagascan scan vanilla, also from primark (no. 17) light and pretty sweet, another lovely one for cooking or baking 🙂


So this is lotus flower, from primark (yet again..😂) and is, like the blue lotus, very fresh and calming


Now I can’t remember what this candle is called, but I got it from an adorable little hop in Filey, which is such a gorgeous place by the way!! Anyway, this candle smells herby and JUST like a garden!!


These candles are my bigger ones ( the wicks lost in 2 of them 😦 ) and the purple one is lavender, and I think I got it from clintons, and lighting it before you go to sleep is a great idea! The white one is called fresh cotton, and is so cleansing and beautiful! The pink one is called rejuvenating spa, and is a little stronger than fresh cotton, but they are just as lovely!

Cute candle holders


Everyone needs cute little candle holders in there life, to make everything look even better!


Tea lights are the nicest things, and if you want to light up your bath, or have a romantic setting, these are brill!

Candle snuffers


Useful and practical! I don’t think I can count the amount of times I’ve tried to blow out candles and wax going everywhere 😅 for clumsy people! I guarantee these a lot!!

Hopefully I get to do this again! Sorry again the photos aren’t the best quality, but I hope you like it!! Have a brilliant day or night, bye!

Cassiie xx


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