New friendships

hi guys! It’s been a while!

New friendships are an interesting thing, and it doesn’t have to just be meeting someone new, it can also be that you know someone, and you realise you are friends. 🙂

It’s an uplifting feeling when it clicks you are friends with someone and you can get this feeling with anyone!

Making friends is easy, and not as difficult as people make it out to be, it can actually be pretty simple, it depends on how engaged the other person is to you, and if they want to be Friends with you as well

I have some small tips to help:



Talk to said person

Hang out with them, or walk with them if you can

Don’t become to committed to someone who isn’t responding to you

Be chill about it!

Today it clicked to me I’ve made more friends this school year rather that any other year, and I think this is because I’ve not been in the same classes as my other friends I already know, and I think we can feel tied down by our friends sometimes and not even realise it, because it’s the norm to you. Making new friends is extremely important, but so it being friendly to everyone, and many people forget this, since you have your own friends, and don’t need anyone else!

In a way you could take this advice for crushes as well, since, from personal experience, you can commit and feel tied down to one person, because you like them, and even if so and so’s friends say he likes you, or this and that builds up the courage to ask you out, and you let her down because you decided not to like her instead.

A big part of it is when you get ignored by someone/ someones, but as soon as you get a small bit of attention, to keep you interested you get hooked again, and that’s most likely the dilemma for most people when it comes to this topic in general

In the end it falls into keeping an open mind and not being held down by one person or a group of people, as there are so many new friends or crushes out there you are avoiding, all because you never thought to switch your sight from one person to another

My posts nower days do seem short! This is a topic close to my heart, as I have been like this and so have many of my Friends. Hope you have a lovely lovely day!! Keep strong guys, and enjoy yourself!

Cassiie xx


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