Makeup in school

Hi guys! How was your day!

Not sure how ranty this could get, because this is something I’m passionate about, that kinda just ticked me off today.

CASSIIE FROM THE FUTURE!!! Hey guys, word of warning, big paragraphs. Not like my usual posts really! Come back in a day of two for a more lighthearted post!! FUTURE CASSIIE OUT!!!

Makeup is universal, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows what it is. Personally I only wear mascara and concealer, since it’s the laziest thing I can be bothered to do! XD
But I know many people who wear a little more than just that,which is perfectly ok, because they could feel self conscious or just like it on them!

School rules are that you aren’t allowed to wear makeup, until you’re a little older (they still don’t really agree with that though) but they were always a little more slack on it, and we thought this was because they understand girls at this age (and boys) can be self conscious, and finding themselves, as well as a whole new load of stress and puberty on top of that. Sounds ecstatic! πŸ˜‚

So today as we entered assembly, the two women teachers were calling girls out, and I wasn’t really sure why. Everyone has to have ‘perfect’ uniform and will get stopped on entering, and we understand that i guess, since it’s one of the main rules. But I sat down with my friends, and my friend Janey (I may of called her something else in previous posts) told me lou had got stopped and told she had to take off all her makeup offer this. She herself has been caught and asked if she was wearing makeup, but she denied it and walked on (smart move).

This kind of nagged at me, because I know Lou wears foundation and such, and of course if it was a lot of it, I’d understand, however she didn’t have much on, from the time I spent with her in the morning.its not even that it was my friend, there were girl I’m not Friends who got told to take off their makeup, and I still think that’s very unfair, as they were wearing it for themselves.

The main reason I’m even posting this is because of what Lou told me the teachers said to her after assembly. I’m America mainly (as most schools there from people I know don’t wear uniforms) have strict rules about what they wear, because it may Be deemed to revealing, and I’m sure some people go over the limit with this sorta stuff.
Lou was told it ‘distracts the boys’ and this seems to be their only reason for making her take all her makeup off. *inner feminist comes crashing out*

I’m not seriously feminist, but my school isn’t the most equal school ever.
When it rains in pe, the girls have to go in, and the boys get to stay out in the rain (one of mine and my mums points is that the teachers don’t really want to be out there anyway), and if we have a double period of pe, it’s not being very ‘educational’ for us to sit around in the changing rooms, twiddling our thumbs, because of rainfall. The solution my friends and I came up with was that the boys and girls who want to stay out in the rain can, and the boys and girls who want to go in, can, because we were talking to a boy who had to stay out in the rain, and he wasn’t very happy about it himself.

Now I’m pretty sure, since generations have past, boys don’t stop working in a class room, because someone has darker lashes. Think about it like this, would you be distracted in class because of the person over there has clearer skin, or because of your friends chatting away?
This is offending Boys too, saying all they only look at girls because of how they look, not their personality or themselves on the inside!
Not to mention the LGBT community aren’t being considered, as it’s very much ‘traditional’ rules, that are made by older people. Nothing agains the generations above us, sometimes we do dumb things, but girls don’t put on makeup to impress guys, or to get attention. The idea that people aren’t allowed to be selfish, and to do stuff for themselves to make them HAPPY is completely put to the side, since society says we have to look perfect for others, not ourselves?

This doesn’t apply to the girls and guys who wear tones of makeup,because then it makes sense why they’d get told off for this, however everyone I have mentioned in this post were only wearing natural makeup.

*Remembering I have a pizza on the way* yayyyyyyyaaaaaa

Ok, I’ll stop the rambling, or it’ll get as long as my book blog post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thankyou for reading, if you made it through it XD hope you have a lovely lovely day or night, bye bye! Xx

Cassiie xx


12 thoughts on “Makeup in school

  1. I completely agree!!!!!! and that is so true – I go to a girls only school so I kinda don’t get how I could possibly be wearing it for boys lol unless I’m missing something haha! πŸ˜€ I feel like so long as we’re doing it for ourselves, who r we hurting? πŸ™‚ ❀ nice post πŸ™‚ ❀

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