random chats 4

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting as much recently, but anyone who sticks around is appreciated and newcomers welcomed 😊

Usually I post these on Wednesdays, but I might vary it to just once a week in general, since I can’t remember things haha!

Update on reading, I’m reading Emma by Jane Austen, and Wolf hall by Hilary Mantel. Emma is about a woman (called Emma shockingly πŸ˜‚) and she is very unaware to her flaws and Everyone else’s. I’m not very far into either books btw) and to some I definitely think she’s an unlikable character, but that makes me like her more! Wolf hall follows the story of Thomas Cromwell, and his rise to power. I’ve watched the tv series, and he’s an interesting. Character especially, as he survived Wolsey’s and Anne Boleyn’s fall. I recommend both books!

What do you guys have for breakfast? Because it’s simple and easy, I have crepes that are wrapped up, and you just have to throw them in the microwave. Personally in the morning I am very very picky with breakfast, but not lunch or tea! It’s kinda weird really, but everyone’s different! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I may have talked about this already, but we have to make choices of lessons next year, and such. It’s Kinda stressful, as there are some subjects I really want to take, but wouldn’t be able to. My plan it to take Art, Spanish, French, history. Art and history were a no brainier for me, coz they’re my fave lessons, and I knew I was going to take a language, but I can’t choose between them!! In the end I have to drop textiles, photography and music, but I can still so that in practice in reality, and you never know what opportunities will come in the future!

A post Idea I believe I will try to gather all my art work together and talk about them, but that would end up in WAY to much paper going everywhere! My style changes a lot every now and then, recently I’ve been doing realistic drawings, and drawing my friends and randomers on the internet.

Talking of school, recently stuff happened this week that’s made me thought about if I should stop getting so involved and thinking to deeply about drama etc, and just crack down more? Fun is important, for sure, but in the end it’s important I think of the future, and not what’s already happened and accept it. Making friends and such is good too, but sometimes you have to think about what should be prioritised

I wish anyone good luck this morning if you have a test/s as I myself have 2 French tests! Thankfully it’s not speaking, but I hope anyone who has tests goes in confident and happy πŸ™‚

sorry it’s short, it’s only 7:24 as I write this! Surprised I’m up! Have a lovely day or night everyone!!

Cassiie xx


4 thoughts on “random chats 4

  1. Today, since I live in Asia, is Chinese New Year, so HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
    Back to the blogpost, I do think we should have fun sometimes, but thinking about the future now will probably help to have more fun later when you don’t have to pressurise yourself much, I guess.

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