Tests update 

Heya guys,  this is quite late but thought i’d let you know how my tests went!

P.s. this’ll probably be quite short and as it’s being typed up on my phone there may be a lot of typos 😅😅

If you didn’t know and hadn’t read my last post,  I had/have two tests and wanted to talk about it!!  🙂

First I had my chemistry test,  which I revised NOTHING for ( I was so caught up with remembering my Spanish speaking I forgot about the test I had first 😂) and it wasn’t too bad 😂

I’m not very good at science in general,  I’m probably best at biology and worse at physics (who actually likes physics?!  No hate to physic lovers😂😂❤)  

A lot of the test was on the periodic table and ionic bonding, and overall it was ok… 😂
My Spanish  test isn’t until Friday now, as my go was just as the lunch bell went,  which I kinda annoying as I would of liked to of got it over and done with! 

My teacher was picking people at random,  and the person I was sitting next to,  bless her,  was stressing out so much 😂 I offered we asked sir to go next,  and as she was so jittery she went first,  and aced it!! So proud 😂😂 

My teacher offered for me to stay for a little extra time,  but I wasn’t going to miss lunch for the world! (didn’t say that to him😂)

 Also as being in a classroom with 25 stressed out people didn’t help,  I  ended up singing my answers (mainly the word támbien, my friend wasn’t impressed😂)  and talking about potatoes when they go old and start growing out of themselves 

(Look it up its weird af 😂)

So when Friday comes by I’ll let you all know how it went!!  

I’m hoping you all have a simply fabulous day,  and bye!  🙂
Cassiie xx


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