Hair pt1

Evening guys, how you doing? X

Today’s been a sleepy one, especially when you have maths and physics in the same day 😦

On a lighter note, I was in English today and thought “everyone’s hair is very different!” Shocker 😂

I’m going to make this into a series where I talk about different things of hair, so let me know if you like this post!!

I’ll start with the basics: hair lengths And colours

I’ve had short, medium and long hair, and honestly all of them are lovely!

Right now I have shoulder length hair, and sort of choppy hair at the front that isn’t short enough to be classed as a fringe, but it doesn’t always fit into a ponytail
Short hair is for the lazy, as generally you don’t have to brush it much (personally speaking) and is low maintenance, however there is a downside.
Doing intricate hairstyles like plaits to even pony tails can be difficult to achieve, so keep it in mind, but overall, it’s a great thing to do for your hair to keep it healthy!

Medium is a hairstyle I can’t really say much on, as I never really notice the time period between my hair being short or long, but it’s a great length and probably the easiest to deal with! Ponytails and plaits aren’t to hard to do, but it’s not hard to deal with your hair down 🙂 a common thing I see with people with this length of hair is that people complain that they want long hair, and there hair is “short”😒😂 such a nice easy length and easy to handle 🙂

Long hair looks the coolest, especially in plaits, and can be easy to style, but the downside is that hair can split and be high maintenance. Long hair looks amazing curled, wavy or straight, as does all hair, but long hair can look fab up in a messy bun, down, faux bobs, anything!

Now onto colours:

No matter your hair colour you have lovely hair I think, but there are some downsides. Darker haired people can agree with me when you do a lovely plait or something, and you can’t see it on your head 😦 lighter haired people are lucky in that way!! Crazy coloured hair is really cool too!!

Ok so this was quite short but I really enjoyed writing this!! I hope you enjoyed this h
And have a great day or night!! Tell me what your hair length and colour is, I’d love to know 🙂

Cassiie xx


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