my top 10 fave earrings

Afternoon guys! It’s quite nice and sunny where I am, what’s it like where you are? 

 I have wanted to do this for ageeeeeeeessssss! I got me ears pierced at the end of November last year,  and I think earrings are such a nice, easy bit of jewellery that can look amazing!! 

Let’s go! 
#10: gold ball earrings 

(Sorry about photo quality)

These earrings are really nice, and I wore them yesterday with black jeans, dark green top and my favourite, my boots!  (I really need to do a clothing essentials haul )😂😂 they look great with darker colours!! 

#9: rose gold butterflies

 So cute!! These earrings are so nice,  and can add more to a plain outfit. They are quite big, so I’d take that into mind but they are so pretty! 

#8: plain blue sleepers

These are just casual sleeper earrings,  but they are so gorgeous!  I find earrings kinda uncomfortable to sleep in,  but these we lovely to sleep in! 
#7: yellow ball earrings

My inner hufflepuff!  I always think of myself as a hufflepuff when I wear these!! 💛💚❤
#6: pearlies (x2)

So simple and chic!  I really like these, and you can see they are slightly different colours (a little bit 😂😂)  So cute thou! 
#5: shiny earrings 

Like the pearlies,  simple and chic but also not as traditional as the pearls,  which I really love!! 
#4: deep blues

Like the yellows, A bold colour that really is noticeable and cute!  Though I am not a ravenclaw in my Harry potter stuff,  these are so adorable to wear!! 
#3: silver hearts 

I completely forgot about these for v day!!!!!  These are in the top 3 for a reason!!  So sweet and easy! ❤
#2: sky blueys 

I always have really good luck when wearing these!! The colour matches my eyes quite well too,  and I loveeeeee theseeeee!! 
#1: drumrolllllll……. 

Ok,  So not very extravagant,  but I am wearing them right now!!  They are simple and easy,  but also amazing and match EVERYTHING!!!  
Ok guys  hope you enjoyed,  I really really did!!!!  Tell me what your fave earrings are!! 

Cassiie xx 


13 thoughts on “my top 10 fave earrings

  1. Love the earrings! Earrings are amazing pieces of jewellery that can totally add an extra something to your outfit! I really love the shiny ones the most! But the sky blue ones are quite simple but exotic. I think I will get a pair of red earrings soon for my inner GRYFFINDOR!!! My friends and I are gonna have a Harry Potter party soon, so maybe I’ll wear them there! Any suggestions what I should wear with the earrings?
    Really lovely post! xxx

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  2. I also like earrings 😉 I got my ears pierced when I was 10. My first earrings were silver with light crystals (they were quite similiar to your ‘drumroll’). Now I’m wearing dolphin earrings 😀
    And how old were you when you get your ears pierced?
    I think your the best earrings are pearlies, silver hearts and sky blueys 😉

    Have a nice day! ;*

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        Do you understand me? xD

        It’s all the philosophy 😀 😀 😀

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