Rain and books

Hey guys!!

Today has been so cold and wet today, but this week hasn’t really been sunny at all😂

Yesterday there was torrential hail, which was massive! Ok I might be over exaggerating, but still! My friends and I went outside and got soaked through immediately, and we were only movie from one building to another!!
Today, this morning was extremely cold over here, but as the day went on, it got less cold, and really really wet and rained for a good amount of time, and as I walked to my house, it was probably at its heaviest. It’s still raining now!!

I know a lot of people started their blogs (me included) because of girl online,and the main character, penny, has anxiety, but recently I’ve been thinking, has there ever been a book base on a person who’s friend has anxiety, or some other mental disorder? One of my friends is going through something at the moment, and I’m not her closest friend, but I still would like to know what to do in those situations.
In her case some people think it has a tiny bit to do with wanting attention, but the issue is no one knows how she feels and thinks, as no one knows how someone truly feels about this sort of thing.
All I think I can do is support her, and that’s all I will do. If anyone knows any books or films based on a friends perspective, please let me know the name of it x

Today I got out a new book from the library, and it is called ‘memoirs of a Geisha’ by Arthur Golden, and I haven’t read much of it past a couple of lines, but it looks and sounds really good. I have been reading the young samurai series, but I have to wait to get the “ring of fire” because it’s in the middle of the books. I do really enjoy the books that are set a long time ago, and have an oriental feel to it!

I also want to address friendship stuffs. If you ever meet me, I am one of the most blunt people you can meet, however, for my friends I can’t exactly say the same. Obviously not everyone’s the same, but something that can frustrate a lot of people, including myself, is when your friends act lovely and nice to you one day, but the next ignore and act like they don’t particularly like you.

Maybe no one can relate to this at all, but people can be…well, people! You can’t control everyone you know or meet, and some People have bad days.

But then again,try to understand the difference of an off day and someone completely being rude, no one deserves that

I really hope you enjoy reading my little week update, and I hope you have a brilliant day or night!🙂

Cassiie x


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