Fortune Telling and exams

Afternoon, how are you doing? (Yup awkward no reply πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Now, these may seem like an odd topics to be put together, I know πŸ˜‚

Ages ago I got these cards, normal playing cards, and just threw them to the back of my bedside draw (who doesn’t do this) and when I had an idea to clean it out, I found them!

I did some research into cards, and discovered that you don’t just need tarot cards to do fortune telling
I also found out (don’t quote me on this just in case I am wrongπŸ˜‚) originally playing cards were used for fortune telling , before tarot cards!

So learning 52 cards meanings is not something I’ll be doing, as there are lots of websites about the meanings and spreads you can do , which is actually pretty useful!

Moving away from that, I’ve had a few tests recently, which is so much fun!! Sarcasm levels off the scalesπŸ˜‚

If I’m honest, I’m rubbish at revising. I enjoy writing things down, and then I guess just reading over them multiple times, but somehow I don’t think that works..
There are loads of other things you can do, such as flash cards etc, but it seems like so much effort and then what if something doesn’t come up that you focus on?

I have a test tomorrow, yay!… but I feel for anyone who really stresses with tests and things like that. Shockingly I don’t get stressy, and I like to make loads of annoying jokes just before the exams, which might be comforting (might) to me, but it’s definitely not for people around me.

But to anyone who has nervous friends like me, either stand with other friends, or plug your music in and relax for the last few minutes to get in the zone! πŸ˜‚ some tips:

DON’T revise all night
I found that just going to sleep at a moderate time and waking up at your alarm, possibly a little bit earlier than usual,is the best thing. Waking up early for me makes me impatient and I don’t even wanna know what would happen if I overslept :/

Revise a weekish before
Not gonna lie, wish I did this, but I didn’t ( though I do have all my notes, so I should be fine)πŸ˜‚ but take my advise now, start revising, and if any books, help sheets and or old exam questions are found , use them!

Just chill
My favourite tip is just relax, and be confident. If you go into the test nervous and worrying, you will reflect that in your work. Think over things, whilst keeping an eye on the time, and don’t rush. Sometimes you have to check through the test and see what is worth doing just to nick those last few marks.

Hopefully at least some of my advise was alright, and I haven’t terrified you with my talk of fortune telling.. Good luck with any tests, and goodbye!

Cassie x


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