Morning guys,hope your days been good, or it’s gonna be good!

Today I want to talk about birthday parties.

Birthdays can be the most fun and exiting thing ever, especially as you are growing up, but there comes an age where you grow out of that.

Personally I don’t like having parties coz I prefer to stand to the side at parties and not be centre of attention. I never have been overly keen on being around lots of people, but I’m happy to go to parties as long as I get to regenerate in my room for 6

Last year my friends pulled a sort of surprise party, and I likes that coz it was so much more chilled and not planned out like my friends big parties they have.we went into town, sat in the park or around on benches.

This was also the day AFTER my birthday, so I got to have a calm day with my family and see everyone I could, then the next day, go around town and relax!

I think a big factor into why I don’t like birthdays awfully much is because I have always preferred Christmas.
Christmas isn’t just for ONE person, unlike a birthday. Everyone gets a present, everyone gets a ‘happy Christmas!’ Or a ‘have a good day!’ And it doesn’t revolve around just one person getting good wishes.

Course everyone does need there time in the lime light, and who doesn’t like getting presents!
The main reason I decided to make this is because most my friends have birthdays near the start of the year, which means a lot of parties and a lot of presents to get them..

Yes, I am one of those people who just get a voucher and sweets (so personal and original!)

Anyway, have a great day, and hope you enjoyed reading!

Cassie x


4 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. I totally agree! When it’s Christmas you’re not the centre of attention like your birthday! This year on my birthday my class kind of did a surprise for me which was super cool but I wouldn’t want to be the centre of attention every day! xxx

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