Top 5 fave tv shows

Happy Sunday! Monday tomorrow πŸ˜’ try to make the most of today I guess XD

I’m gonna go straight into the topic, so I hope you enjoy, or you maybe find a new tv show to become obsessed with.. let’s go!

The vampire diaries

This series has 9 seasons, but geez it’s worth binging them XD I don’t think there isn’t a season that I didn’t not enjoy, and if your also a fan of the supernatural, you’ll like this


So this is an old woman, and though I’m not a big fan of the first season, as they changed up the next 3, it is extremely funny, and not really for anyone younger than 12-13, depending of maturity I guess, but it’s hilarious and set in different time periods.


I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like friends, as an episode isn’t very long, and it’s very funny. If I’m honest I’ve spent wayyyyy too many hours binge watching this so if you’re bored, I guarantee this!


Yup, how couldn’t Sherlock make the list!? It can be hard to follow as it is so fast paced, but I do really love it! If you like sarcastic humour or it’s the right thing for u, and it’s hard to not fall into the dark hole when watching it


This is a tv series from my childhood that I was honestly sooooo obsessed with. It’s about a boy going to Camelot and ends up working for the price of Camelot, Arthur. It unfolds from there, and I really guarantee it, as it’s like a sort of medieval fantasy with a bit of comedy along the way

Hope you find something new to watch from what I’ve written about, and thanks for reading!

Cassie x


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