The passing of a digital friend

Hey guys, hope your all ok,

I recently found out a friend I had online passed away and it’s only really sunk in recently

It’s one of those odd and rare sensations you can feel, as you feel genuine sadness and grief for that person, but you never even knew them in person

This person lived in America and I met them through a game I played. I also know a relation of them who plays the game, and we used to be in a group together. I did stop playing this game after our group broke up (not badly, happens a lot in the game) and I stopped messaging as much, and I doubt I’ll play the game much more anymore anyhow.

Making friends on the internet is something I really really love, as as an anti-social person, it’s easier to talk from a screen or a computer. Think about it, no awkward people situations, and if you can tell it’s getting awkward (we social moles have this sensor) you can say you need to go, and it’s all good!

Anyway, I don’t want this to be a massive post (though I never really have loads of big posts), as this was a spontaneous thing that I wanted to type up.

As it is when anyone passes away, I feel grief and consolations to the family, and I hope he rests in peace

Thank you for reading

Cassie x


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